Repeal Antiquated NYC Cabaret Law

Repeal Antiquated NYC Cabaret Law

On Monday, Councilman Rafael Espinal held a hearing at City Hall, where he announced that he would introduce a bill that would repeal the Cabaret Law. “The city will argue that the law is not currently being enforced to regulate dancing, and only to enforce safety requirements. But the stories on the ground will tell you different,” Espinal said, according to a report from Gothamist.
We need people to call City Council Member at 212-788-7210 and sign on to bill 1652 so we can finally rid New York City of this no dancing law.

You have to call and ask for your Council Member to sign onto bill 1652 Repealing the NYC Cabaret Law.

The person who answers will forward you to the appropriate voice mail so you can leave your message. Follow the voice mail instructions.

Thank you to Heather Heart for sharing this information.



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