Throwin’ it back with Scott Hardkiss

Throwin’ it back with Scott Hardkiss


Scott Hardkiss, was a Bay Area DJ icon who helped spearhead the 1990s rave scene. He began working under the moniker God Within in 1993, working with Sir Elton John and the Flaming Lips among others.

Scott Hardkiss is one of electronic dance music’s most innovative & enigmatic artists. he’s created his own bizarre, funky, surreal, and uplifting fusion of psychedelic house, breakbeats, funk, rock, hip-hop, techno, disco, soul, jazz, dub, ambient, blues, Latin, classical, go-go & surf music to name just a few. Scott was born December 12th, 1973 in the Bronx and grew up between NYC, DC, & Philadelphia. in the 80s he fell in love with old-school hip-hop’s “anything-goes” sound, got his first set of turntables & taught himself to dj, being further influenced in dance clubs where electronic music was blended together seamlessly with rock, pop, & new-wave. he went on to study literature & art at oxford university, living in the UK during the initial explosion of the rave & indie-dance scenes and traveling to the spanish islands to take in the diverse balearic sound. all of these experiences led him to found hardkiss as a creative outlet for his own personal style of music & art through djing, production, design & events. with his vision thus born, he set off to open heads & hearts and make booties shake by organizing & djing at some of the first raves & electronic-music multi-media dance events, beginning on the east coast and working his way out west to San Francisco. Read Full Bio

A rare gem from the late Scott Hardkiss aka God Within

About this 12″ Record: This vinyl contains the uncleared guitar sample from “Fire On High” by Electric Light Orchestra. The sample had to be removed for the track to be officially released. It is worth noting that as well as containing the uncleared sample these 2 mixes are also completely different from the commercial release (The Phoenix), even though both releases have the same mix names. However, the promo (The Phoenix) with the same catalog number as the commercial release contains the same mixes as this vinyl. SOURCE: Discogs

Scott Hardkiss was honored as one of the top international DJs when he was asked to play a 2-hour guest DJ set on the biggest electronic dance music radio show on Earth:

Pete Tong’s Essential Mix on BBC Radio 1, London, UK”

Scott’s mix is still revered by many to be one of the best Essential Mixes of all time, ground-breaking in it’s innovative nature… a technicolor blend of countless sounds & styles woven together to generate a truly unique funky, celebratory vibe.

As Pete Tong himself says in the introduction, this is an invitation for listeners world-wide to…

“Roll up, roll up then, for another titillating edition of The Essential Mix, a 2-hour fantastic voyage with the world’s best DJs. This week our search for the perfect beats takes us to the West Coast of America, as we tune into the talents of California’s leading exponent of hot house, Scott Hardkiss.”

“…And, do enjoy!!!”

SOURCE: Soundcloud




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