Caffeine presents Warehouse Groove

Caffeine presents Warehouse Groove


Caffeine presents Warehouse Groove

Join us for a very special night filled with positive vibes and amazing music. Celebrate the holiday season with us at Warehouse Groove!
Location will be released the day of the show but you must send a message to info@caffeine-events with “Groove” in the subject and “More Caffeine” in the body. We will then email you the location on December 26th. There is a limited capacity and we strongly suggest purchasing tickets in advance to ensure entry.


venom1Few DJs put as much energy, intensity and insanity into their performances as DJ VENOM. He continues to relentlessly tour the continent, unleashing his signature sounds to packed dance floors of sweat covered fans. This New England native has been a major figure in the North American rave scene for over two decades, wowing crowds with his flawless mixing, floor-filling beats and crazy turntable tricks.

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xdream5X-Dream has been causing Dance Floor mayhem for over 2 decades by consistently reinventing himself to keep pace with the ever-changing Electronic Dance Music Movement. X-Dream has gained the admiration of party-club goers nationwide with his impeccable mixing and intuitive gift for rocking dance floors. Those that have heard his sets know he causes Dance Floor Annihilation whenever he performs!

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howhardOne of the most recognized names in the NYC Hardcore Techno scene How Hard, aka The Pied Piper of Hardcore, has continued to rock dancefloors for years with his hard hitting hardcore/gabber, hard techno, industrial, drum-n-bass, and more. As an original artist as well as co-founder of respected NYC DJ crew Hardmind and internationally recognized top-selling record label Hard Kryptic Records, How Hard continues to branch out and conquer the music industry.
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dj integrityNYC-based hard trance and techno DJ maintaining the integrity of the rave scene since 1999. Integrity is a New York City metro area based DJ who has been actively involved in rave culture for a long time. In addition to his passion for mixing and distributing driving and deep trance, techno, and hard dance, Integrity has co-produced and/or consulted for over 50 events, including the flagship Saturday Morning Cartunes series taking place in Cedar Creek Park, Long Island, and beyond.
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rookattaNarkatta known for… spinning high energy sets that were not limited to any genre, combining Swing & Electro House, Dub, Glitch Hop, Trap, Ghetto Funk and Trip Hop. Roo, has touched on break beats, trance, glitch and everything house. RooKatta is a new collaboration that just knows how to make you move. In connection with their amazing talent, prepare for a whole new Silent Disco experience coming to an area near you.
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janWhen it comes to moving the dance floor, this Connecticut DJ is considered to be one of the best! His unique style and seamless mixing of today’s hits with all-time classics, creates a sound that’s all his own. With over 20 years of experience, Jan learned how to mix and beat match long before the help of a sync button, releasing his first mix tape on a cassette. He is consistently tearing the roof off everywhere he plays!
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ajThe world would not be balanced without light and darkness. Accordingly, AjaxBeats, who grew up watching the dark streets of Bedford Stuyvesant, dwells more on the dark elements of life. AjaxBeats is both an Electronic and Hip Hop producer, and receives his inspiration from the NYC underground scenes that include Drum N Bass, Dub-Step, House, Illibent, Ambient & Psychedelic. AjaxBeats considers himself a Jack of all Musical Trades.
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raNew York City Based Producer/DJ Noomi Ra was born in Frankfurt, Germany. Traveling often at a young age; he grew up in Frankfurt, London, Dubai & everywhere in between until he landed in New York. During his journey he was exposed to many cultures and all sorts of music, however it was electric dance music that caught his ear. In 2008 he started experimenting with DJing and played his first gig on September 27, 2010.
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dcBorn to the streets of Queens New York, Cristapher DC_Ten Cotter was first influenced by electronic music when stole his first mix tape from his cousin. At the first sound of this new beat he fell in love. Later this love for the beat would drive him to buy his first records and a set of turntables. As DC_Ten’s passion for music grew he expanded to hard bass tunes the synth melodies of trance. Feeling the love of the scene you can now catch DC_Ten playing Trance with some of the local undergrounds best.
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Mad Panda vs Serious Lee

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dukesJAKE DUKES has been an active member of the Dance Music scene since 2010. While at first being heavily inspired and drawn to the scene, by artists such as Bassnectar, Rusko, Pretty Lights, and events such as Camp Bisco Music Festival, and underground raves in New York City. Dukes was instantly inspired to become a DJ and take his love for music to new extremes.

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reactorReactor consists of two brothers who have only recently decided to take it from listening to creating the music they love: Hardstyle. Starting in mid 2013, they have already shared the stage with big names such as Noisecontrollers, Technoboy, Coone, Frontliner, Wildstylez, The Pitcher, and Brennan Heart, have original productions under their belt, and a passion for the music that won’t have them stopping anytime soon. Their sets are filled with energy and will have you moving until they step off stage.
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mmInvolved with the rave scene since the mid 90’s Brooklyn’s Mike Morgan has watched and studied the evolution of rave. As the owner of the Morgan (asylum) mike Morgan has hosted over 300 raves in a span of 4 years. Also as CEO of #teamnosleepnyc he has set the standard for after-hours in NYC since 2011. Never calls himself a d.j. but spins and genre jumps flawlessly playing up to 4 genres a set.

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dritto3In 1989, the cosmic heavens opened and blessed the earth by combining elements to form DRITTO. Born and raised in Brooklyn, NY, his early inspirations in music came from Michael Jackson, the Beastie Boys, Tiesto, Hardwell, Skrillex, Bingo Players, Nirvana, Metallica, Eminem, and the list goes on. As the celestial beings matured, so did DRITTO; Electronic Dance Music became his passion, with heavy emphasis in big room, progressive, electro, trap, house, and the occasional hardstyle track.
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laetusSince 2010 La3tus has always been trying to push the boundaries of Electronic music. Defying the boundaries of many genres, La3tus delves into House, Trap, Hardstyle and everything in between. Versatile and willing to go the extra mile when it comes to pleasing his fans, La3tus makes a powerful addition to any lineup. Keeping the crowd bouncing with a unique blend festival ready sounds, La3tus is sure to keep the energy high and flowing.
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nigmaNoises from the farthest of ends of the universe, coming as one into an embodiment of pure sounds and vibrant melodies that cause your, body, and soul to act is a combined driven machine to dance off the evils in this world. Creating a catastrophe on the dance floor and to drown out the sorrows of the fallen. This unknown entity will cleanse you. The very being will force you to breathe in a new dawn within every beat of the drum.
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